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Posted: 6 days ago / Apr 05, 2021
Edited: 5 days ago / Apr 06, 2021



Steam Name: 21

RP (Ingame) Name: Squid The King

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:440252464

Steam URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ZaxbysChickenDiner/

Are you on our Discord? (Name and Discord ID): Zaxbys#0420, Squid 

Country: United States of America 

Time-Zone (e.g UTC, BST): EST (Eastern Standard Time) 

Age: 15 My Birthday is on June 10th

Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it? (This is not a requirement but makes everything easier): Yes I have a microphone and I use it quite often but if there are issues I am a very fast typer 

How many warnings do you have on the server? : Currently 0 

Have you been banned/kicked on the server? (If so state why) No, I have not received any punishments on Drip Networks but on the old server ProtectionRP I have been kicked mostly out of jokes and nothing too serious  

Have you read the Staff Rules?: Yes I have multiple time actually when I used to be staff 

Do you have past experience of being Staff? (If so state the rank and your tasks): I have experience of being Staff x2 on the old server named ProtectionRP the server is this server just a different name and my first time I was staff I got to a moderator but I did some accidental things and got demoted to T-Mod then got demoted for Inactivity for playing Minecraft too much then came around the second time, I got all the way to Admin but I went Inactive for a little because my PC hiccuped and didn't work for a bit then I got demoted for Inactivity what I did was just play early in the morning and mostly late at night and I handled Sits and Bans and I even trained some old Staff that I have no idea what happened to them but I know for a fact the first 1 I trained got demoted but we don't talk about that person. 

How much time could you spend on the server in an average week?: 48-55 Hours Not as much as I used to because I got to go to school and my sport is starting back up next month

What values would you add to the team? : Sheer loyalty and dedication I do almost everything I am told and am almost always on because I am a single no life who has nothing better to do, and I also stay on late and hang around and vibe with people I am also a very good communicator 

Why do you want to be staff? : I miss the staff team and the people of ProtectionRP well now its named DripNetworks but I wanna get back into the community and try to get the highest rank I can as Staff and also some of my old buddies are staff still so I wanna get back to known basis with some of them and help out with problems on the new server and hang out with the community 

Tell us more about yourself: I am Squid a teen with not much going on because nothing exciting happens in my life so I express myself with videogames I always try the hardest in small things for no reason and I am great at being passive and calm in stressful situations I like to talk and hang with the community and even mess with them sometimes for laughs and giggles and I am a Simp but not a hardcore simp so that hardly matters. I  used to be staff on the server when it was named ProtectionRP even though I already mentioned that I just feel like I should mention it again and I did do some things in my past as staff that "Not a lot of Staff would do" but those actions were of the past and I regretted them. I am mostly always positive too but I can be a tad bit "Offensive" sometimes when it comes to things and I can be a minge sometimes but I restrain myself from being a nuisance (Most of the time ;)). Did I mention that I am a good person with a totally not annoying voice? 

Squid The One and Only!


Discord: Zaxbys#0420


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