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Posted: 1 month ago / Jan 11, 2021

Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:124944700
Name of Job: Blizzard Husky
Color of Job (In f4): Mix of light blue and blue like my pfp.
Model (Pick one here if you haven't paid for a custom model
Make sure there are no pants in the body group.
The Description of the Job: This is Blizzard Husky’s Fursona job, yes they are a Furry deal with it XD
The Weapons you want on this job: Hmm how about a m3 dragon, Aug, and a double barrel shotgun, and dog swep.
Does this Job need raid equipment or police equipment?: It needs raid tools.
Have you bought additional player-slots for friends? If so put their steam id's here: No.
Have you paid for a higher salary?: no
Have you paid for a hit system?: Yes

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