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Posted: 2 weeks ago / Nov 06, 2020
Edited: 1 week ago / Nov 13, 2020




-Do not RDM (Random Death Match) - killing or attacking someone at random/for no reason.
-Do not kill anyone on suspicion or suspicious acts.
-Do not prop-kill, even as traitor! (punishable)
-Do not prop-push, even as traitor! (punishable)
-Do not T-bait. (kosable if using a 1 shot weapon)
-Prop surfing is not allowed.
-Claiming areas is not allowed.
-Camping an area for more than ninety seconds is not allowed.
-Body/prop blocking is not allowed and is KOS'able after 2 warnings with at least 3 seconds in between each warning. (TEXT CHAT ONLY)
-Do not kill or push AFKs to their death until overtime. (If an admin is on, either wait or alert them to players being AFK)
-Innocents and Detectives may not help traitors in any way.
-Allow a person to ID a body after they kill them.
-Pushing with a crowbar is allowed as long as it doesn't present a clear danger.
-Do not use map exploits. (area not intended for gameplay)
-Do not revenge RDM.
-Do not target admins or players.
-Do not falsely report players.
-Do not kill/crowbar people when you are stuck, wait for an admin to teleport you.
-Use a readable name using English letters.
-Not killing someone when they commit traitorous act when you should is not allowed.
-Don't PM alive players. This is considered ghosting and is very bannable.
-Only a detective may call a test or kos.
-You must claim a detective weapon. (in text chat)
-Keep political opinions to yourself. (Minor discussion is fine but arguments will be shut down by the admins.)
-Names less than 3 English letters will be changed by an admin.
-Do NOT join gunfights unless a KOS is called on another player.

-Detectives may not stay inside of the Detective room (if applicable) for more than 3 minutes.


-Traitors may not hint or give away their traitor teammates.
-Traitors must call out map traps (if deadly). Jihads and frag grenades, in text chat (don't have to callout C4.)
-Traitors may not harm other traitors in any way. (Unless they are blocking)
-Traitors may not stay inside the traitor room (if applicable) for more than 3 minutes.
-Traitors may not delay the round and must make progress. (An admin will provide up to 2 warnings in a reasonably spaced time before slaying a player for delaying a round.)
-Traitors may not place suspicion or high suspicion on their fellow traitors.
-Traitors can NOT call false KOS' on players.

KOSable (Kill On Sight):

-Throwing incendiary grenades at or near players.
-Throwing a discombobulator at or near a player near danger, e.g: a cliff, a large drop or next to a traitor trap.
-Walking by an unidentified body.
-Being seen in the traitor room (if its not possible for innocents to access it).
-Planting C4.
-Not calling out C4. (You must be certain they saw the C4)
-Traitor baiting - shooting at or near another player. (This is also considered karma baiting and players may be punished if they are innocent.)
-Prop pushing, killing, and surfing during the round.
-Damaging or destroying a health station (moving the station to an unreachable or dangerous area like a traitor trap also counts as damaging/destroying it).
-Damaging or destroying a portable tester.(moving the portable tester to an unreachable area also counts as damaging/destroying it).
-Having a traitor weapon or equipment that has not been declared to have been picked up. You must claim the weapon in text chat, you do not have to specify what weapon.
-Claiming a traitor weapon very early in the round (no dead traitors.)
-Dead Giveaway - Using logic to determine who is a traitor (Example: Remaining player who hasn't tested).
-Hanging bodies.
-Damaging/Breaking the tester (pre-round and mid-round).
-Getting rid of bodies with DNA or evidence.
-Destroying an innocent win condition item, or making it unusable. (Doing this as innocent is karma baiting so don't do it.)
-Using an item that can hurt all roles/innocents. I.E Using a Poltergeist
-Having an item that threatens all roles/innocents. A detective can warn two times to drop it and kill the player if they refuse to do so.
-Carrying Explosives towards other players (Explosive barrels, turtles on Community Pool, etc)
-Calling a KOS on yourself in voice chat.


-Facing a traitor trap going off. You may place suspicion on them only.
-Saying you are a traitor (Voice chat or chat). You may place suspicion on them only.
-KOSing a Detective.
-KOSing yourself through text chat (KOSing yourself through voice is KOSable)


- !report allows you to report a player for RDM.
- !respond to respond to a report.
- !motd to bring up the MOTD or F9.
- !specme to move yourself into spectator.
- @ allows you to talk to admins only.
- !link allows you to link your discord to your steam account.

- F1 brings up your settings.
- F2 toggles mutes on live and spectators (while dead only).
- F3 brings up Pointshop (for members or higher rank).
- F4 toggles mouse pointer for betting.
- F8 brings up Damagelogs.


ttt_radio yes
ttt_radio no
ttt_radio help
ttt_radio imwith
ttt_radio see
ttt_radio traitor
ttt_radio suspect
ttt_radio check
ttt_spectator_mode 0 or 1

Example bind (Type in console): bind "x" "ttt_radio traitor"




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