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Posted: 4 months ago / Oct 18, 2020
Edited: 4 months ago / Oct 18, 2020



Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:178366260

Name of Job: Lawyer On Duty

Color of Job (In f4): Red

Model (Pick one here if you haven't paid for a custom model https://csite.io/tools/gmod-universal-mdl): models/player/zombie_soldier.mdl

The Description of the Job: I couldn't beat them so i joined them

The Weapons you want on this job: LR300 and Smoke gernade

Does this Job need raid equipment or police equipment?: Raid Equipment

Have you bought additional player-slots for friends? If so put their steam id's here:

Have you paid for a higher salary?: No

Have you paid for a hit system?: No

Anything else you have paid for list here:

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