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Posted: 4 months ago / Oct 18, 2020
Edited: 4 months ago / Oct 18, 2020



First Name: Kyle

Location: USA, Nebraska

Your first language: English

Date of Birth: December 23rd 2003

Steam ID (http://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_0:0:178366260


Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Wryer/

Your in-game name: Wryer


Your in-game time as of writing(!time):2days and 33 minutes, but ive played over 3 days total, and i have 2000 hours in garrys mod


Have you donated/will you be able to in the future? (Can help with trusting in the future): I have donated, but my friend got it for me, but i do plan on personally donating

How many hours can you play on average a day?: 4-5 hours a day during school, weekends 7-10 hours everyday of course

How many hours can you play on average a week?: usually 70-90 hours a week maybe, depends on how much i play of course

Have you fully read, understood and agreed to the Rules?: Yes, and i understand and agree.

Has any staff member referred you, (List who and their IGN's):

What does 'RDM' stand for?: Random death match, Where one party kills another party with out a valid reason


What does 'NLR' stand for?: New life rule, Where you've been killed and you cant go back to the location for a certain ammount of time, and when you go back there you cant talk about what happened in your past life


What does 'RDA' stand for?: Random arrest. Where a Police officer arrests someone without a reasoning behind it


Give an example of all three:

RDM: One partys name is Tre, the other is john. Tre is walking down the road going to sell his batch a drugs to a dealer, while tre is walking to the dealer. John comes up to tre and shoots him killing him without a reason. Tre does @ RDM they get in a sit Tre SHOULD have a recording of what happened if not the staff member who claimed the case can check logs if Tre has shot John (which would be a valid reason to kill Tre) Or if John has warned Tre in advert, If the staff member hasnt seen any of those signs, or the recording the staff member cant do anything about it, but say Tre has a recording and it shows John coming up to Tre shooting him for no reason. John is in the wrong so either John will get a warning or a verbal warning depending on what Tre says or the staff member says

NLR: Lets use the idea from my last example, 2 partys. 1 is named john and the other is Tre. John is raiding Tre. John kills tre while hes raiding him. Tre can not come back until the RP situation is over. But if a situation is like that Tre has died in the police station and there is a RP situation going on, He has to wait 5 minutes to go back into the situation. When the 5 minuts has passed he can not bring up information that he has learned in his past life before he died

RDA: Once again im going to use the ideas from my 2 examples, Like the same 2 parties. one tre one john. John is a police officer and Tre is a Victim. Tre is a hoboi walking around minding his buisness. not breaking any laws. John comes up to him and arrests him and put him in jail for no valid reason. What Tre should do is Do @ RDA and wait for a staff member to respond to him, when the staff member responds, he tell the staff member what has happened and if Tre has any proof Like a video he shows the staff member, When that has happened the staff member brings John asks john for his side, if john doesnt give a reasonable reason for arresting Tre John will be warned or verbal warned depending if Tre says to or not. if Tre lost anything when arrested the staff member should remberse Tre, or john should with either money or weapons.

A user is prop-spamming, how do you handle this?: Depending on how bad the prop spamming is, If theyre spamming bad i would freeze the prop spammer and "tell him prop spamming isnt allowed on the server may you please stop" That would be my verbal warning. Then i would spectate The spammer to see if the spammer continutes. if indeed the spammer continues to spam props i will either kick the spammer For nitrp, or warn the spammer for prop spamming, most likely warns unless if the spammer has past records with being a ming or prop spamming


A donor is prop-spamming, how do you handle this?: Doesnt matter, if they paid money or not. If the donor is spamming props i will speak to him ask him to please stop the spamming, give the donor a verbal and watch the donor to see if they continue to spam props i will go to the donor ask them why are they still prop spamming and give the donor a warning. If the donor continutes with spamming props ill kick the donor and if he keeps doing it when coming back i will ban them for the correct amount of time


What is 'FearRP'?: When someone doesnt follow orders when in a life treatening situation, and or does something that may risk your life

What is 'FailRP'?: FailRP is when someone isnt following roleplay rules


Give an example of both:

FearRP: Say i was mugging a player and i had a gun out and the player that i was mugging didnt have their gun out, and i advert mug and the player im mugging pulls out a gun and shoots and kills me. That would be fearRP

FailRP: A hobo with a assault rifle, or a meth cook raiding with a thief

You've witnessed a fellow staff member RDM and shrug it off, how do you handle this?: I would clip the evidence and make a fourm post, or confront the staff member that has rdmd ask him to make things right, if he doesnt then i would post the staff report


You've witnessed a fellow donator RDM and shrug it off, how do you handle this?: Samething goes if a regular player, i will contact a staff member, or if im the staff member i would pull him into a sit bring the player he rdmd, before i continue the sit ill ask if th eplayer that was rdmd if they would like to make it a sit, if the player does i would tell him what i saw and why i think its rdm, if the player that was rdmd would want him to be warn i would warn the player and pay the player back in what they lost


As a Staff member, you are expected to treat all players equally. What does it mean to be biased?: To be bias is siding with a friend or a person that you know more then the other even if there is evidence proving the other persons reasoning.


A user is disrespecting you, shouting offensive slurs at you. He says his reasoning behind this is because he thinks you aren't doing your job correctly. How do you handle this?: If a player dislikes the way i do my job as a staff member they can bring it to the higher ups or to forums, Its immature to argue with someone especially if they dont like the way im doing my job, its just giving them more evidence to use agianst me. and its not professional


Tell us why you'd be a good addition to our Staff team (100 words or more): Reason why i think i will be a good fit for staff on this server is cause ive been staff for 900 out of my 2000 hours on garrys mod, and over the days that ive played this server ive grew to like this server and i wanna explore then just being a staff member. Over the time that ive been a staff member ive learned how to be serious and to have fun when its appropriate.

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