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Welcome to ProtectionRP! 

Please make sure you read all our rules below before playing.


Welcome to our community and we hope you enjoy your time with us. On this page you will find all our rules to prevent any rule breaking, please read through them carefully. If you disagree with any of these rules you may ask for a rule change on the forums. These rules may also change in the future so make sure to check back frequently. 

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Thank you for your time. 

Rules Last Updated: June 17th 2020


⬇ Server Rules ⬇

No sexism (includes making inappropriate comments to the other genders.) , racism (hard 'r'), discrimination, bigotry. 

No offensive names, no racist or sexist insults.

No pornography of any kind.

No disrespect, please be as respectful as possible.

No leaving punishments, sits, from admins.

No advertising other websites, servers etc.

No scripting, hacking, exploiting, macros, etc.

No scamming of any sort.

Don’t ask Staff members to give your application a + 1 or to look at it. If this is done it will have consequences, be patient, you can ask your friends instead.

No using Admin Chat without having a real problem or question.

No demoting players for any reason. (/demote)

No DDOS or hacking  threats of any sort, even joking will get you banned.

No homophobia or homophobic comments.

No death threats outside of roleplay.

No prop-minge this includes, Propblock, Propclimb, Prop pushing, etc.

Do not use the kidnapper grappling hook to kill people.

Attempting to use bugs that affect the whole server including players & map result in extreme punishment.

Use common sense.

Do not god check admins

Staff members have final say in situations.

Have fun! (Or don’t, your choice).



⬇ Roleplaying Rules ⬇

RDM (Random Deathmatch) is NOT allowed.

Do NOT use Chain adverts example (kidnap/mug/raid/assit/crossfire)

Do NOT spam the Lockdown as mayor only use for RP reasons.

Don't break NLR, New Life Rule, don’t go back to the place where you died for 5 minutes.

Do not RDA, (Random Arrest) players without a valid roleplay reason.

Don’t RDM/RDA you friends even if you are playing around it is failrp.

CDM (Car Deathmatch) Is NOT allowed.

Don’t park any vehicle in Spawn. (Will be warned for FailRP and RP in Spawn)

If you’re being mugged, you can NOT counter. (Bystanders CAN counter mugs)

No printer bombing, this counts as RDM.

You do NOT need to advert for SOLO raids. (Except for: PD Raid/Mugging/Kidnapping)

No prop minge, (Pushing players with props, spamming etc)

No mic spam unless you're a Hobo.

No roleplay in Spawn.

Don’t ask for hits from cops that is considered FailRP and also don’t ask people to put hits on a certain person that is also considered FailRP.

No jobs can make checkpoints, except Mayor. 

No protecting other players unless they’re in your party.

No prop spam, (Results in a Permanent ban).

No pushing players that are sitting on props. 

No involving Staff on Duty with RP.

No impersonating a different job or Staff.

No prop-blocking. (This includes NPC's, Hit Phones, and ATM's)

No changing jobs during raids

You may counter any type of raids only if you can raid or if PD.

No camera abuse/minge (ex. Shoving cameras in people's bases)

No propblocking cameras (ex. Putting a prop in front of a camera)

No body-blocking doors, it is FailRP.

Terrors may only be done by terrorists and must only last for 60 seconds.

Adverting Crossfire is NOT allowed.

Do not spam keys on piano players.

Do not break FearRP (Can't pull a gun when being mugged, etc)

You must advert "Pickpocket Complete" 5 seconds after you have done so, giving you time to escape. (We can see if you haven't done this.)

DO NOT pickpocket AFK people or withinin spawn(If afk in the last 2-3 min, its is ok) under any circumstance, this is highly punishable.

Please wait 5 minute in-between pickpockets.

When an airdrop happens, you have to be in the red circle to kill & be killed

No using wiremod or auto clickers in the casino. (bannable offence)


⬇ Basing Rules ⬇

Your friends must be added to your doors and in your party if they want to base and defend with you.

You may only own ONE singular base.

You cannot have a fading door in front/behind of a world door.

The entrance to get into anywhere in a base has to be obvious/clear.

Your keypad/buttons must be fairly visible.

Do not put down useless keypads (Ones not binded to a fading door in base).

Keypads must have a 5 second hold length. No less.

You cannot open your fading door with your keys/button while being raided, you have to use a keypad.

Your base only needs one entrance.

There must be enough space for two players, without crouching and/or jumping, to get into anywhere in the base.

You are allowed to have one way props BUT as long as you do not shoot through them.

Your shooting windows must be transparent.

You cannot have invisible props in your base.

You cannot build around the casino, spawn etc. (Casino Manager can build in casino/around)

You can only build around the PD if you're a CP/SWAT/MAYOR.

Pets may base with you as you can be their owner.

Hobos cannot own a building or any doors. They cannot build ON the street. 

KOS lines are allowed if they have a fair reason for example “KOS If you walk past this line”.

You cannot have your base go onto a sidewalk, unless it is used for a KOS line.

You can not have a building sign and a KOS sign at one time.

Mega bases are not allowed.

Blackout bases are NOT allowed.

The use of wiremod to greatly heighten the difficulty of a raid on your base is prohibited. (AKA don't use wiremod to make your base impossible to raid)

Shooting windows must be able to be shot through both ways. (No perfect precisioning angle way to be able to shoot you)

You cannot shoot through one way props.

Tunnel bases are allowed ONLY at tunnels with dead ends.

Your base may have 4 fading doors at its entrance and 1 for any sub-rooms or printer boxes.

No having kos signs for fountain/around fountain.



⬇ Raiding Rules ⬇

You cannot change jobs during a raid.

You do NOT need to advert for SOLO raids. (Except for: PD Raid/Mugging/Kidnapping)

You have to advert "Bank Raid!" if you are going to raid the bank.

All rules that apply to raiding pd apply to the bank raid.

The attacker must be able to see the defender when they are using a weapon

If a base has a building sign outside of it, you cannot raid it.

You cannot kill players in a base and call it a raid, you have to at least finish the raid, steal printers etc.

You may only party raid with members in your party and on your base doors.

You must advert assist to help in a raid,only assassins can hit raid to get to a target.

You must wait 15 minutes before raiding the same base again.

If you die while defending a raid, you can return and defend your base after the 5 minute NLR time.

Police may break NLR to defend the PD from raids.

If you see a raid going on leave the area until it is done. This prevents any crossfire killings. If you are killed in the crossfire it is NOT considered RDM.

Raid cooldown is 10 minutes.

If one person raids the PD, there is universal cooldown for EVERYONE. The cooldown is 15 minutes.

A raid should not exceed 15 minutes once the raiders are in unless the base is very large.



⬇ Government Rules ⬇

You cannot own a home if you live in the PD.

You are only allowed to build in the PD.

The mayor is allowed to make checkpoints and borders as long as you don’t block the streets while building it.

You cannot run at people with your baton (Baton Rushing).

You cannot put false warrants.

You cannot abuse people while they are in prison by killing them.

You cannot stun stick abuse.

Arrests cannot be countered, unless they are your party member.

You cannot place hits.

You may not make jaywalking illegal, under any circumstances!

You are allowed to break NLR when there is a PD raid or PD take over.

The laws have to be above the PD so everyone can see them.

There are 3 main laws you can be arrested for if there is no Mayor or Swat Leader:

 Raiding/Mugging/Kidnapping is AOS/KOS

Shooting another person is AOS/KOS

Printers and drugs are AOS/KOS

You cannot block or lock the first door for the PD in anyway unless there’s a lockdown.

You cannot own any illegals, this includes bitminers no matter the laws.

You cannot put a AOS/KOS on someone, or any job, on the law board.

Cops may AOS/KOS if you are past second door

Only the following jobs can make laws: Mayor and Swat Leader(if no mayor).

You may only AOS during a mayor issued lockdown.

Government may not own bitcoin miners under any circumstances.

No randomly tasing people.

Max gun license price is 500k.

You cannot randomly weapon check under any circumstances.



⬇ Mugging and Kidnapping Rules ⬇

Mugging wait time is 5 minutes.

Maximum Mug is 35k 

Minimum Mug KOS is 10 seconds.

The person has to be standing in front of you so you can mug/kidnap him and be aware they are the target. 

Kidnapping wait time is 15 minutes.

Maximum kidnapping ransom is 100k.

You can not hold someone captive for longer than 20 minutes.

You must advert both mugging and kidnapping.



⬇ Job Rules ⬇


You cannot raid, mug, or kidnap.

You cannot own illegals.

Cannot own weapons.

You can base with other jobs.



You cannot raid, only if warranted.

Can own any weapons.

Cannot own illegals.



Cannot raid, mug, or kidnap.

Can only use the guns they spawn with.

Cannot own any illegals.




Only assassins are allowed to hit raid.

Can own any weapons.

Can own illegals .

Can mug.

Cannot kidnap unless assassin.

Must advert “hit complete” upon completion of a hit.



Hobo/Hobo Leader:

Can raid, mug, and kidnap with leader only.

Can only own pistols and shotguns.

Can own illegals .



Thief/Pro Thief/Master Thief/Hacker:

Can raid, mug, and kidnap.

Can own and weapon.

Can own illegals.


Club Owner and Fight Club Manager:

Cannot raid, mug, or kidnap.

Can own any weapon.

Can own illegals.

Hold club/fight club for money.



Can raid, mug, and kidnap with owner only.

Can own knives/swords, no other weapons.




Can raid, mug, and kidnap (mainly with master).

Can own any weapon.

Can own illegals.

Can base with master only.




Can raid, mug, and kidnap (mainly with leader).

Can own any weapon.

Can own illegals .

Italians and Russians are against each other (does not mean RDM on sight).



Gun Dealer/Black Market Dealer:

Gun dealer cannot raid, mug or kidnap.

Black Market dealers can raid, mug, and kidnap with thief and or gangster only.

Can own any weapon.

Can own illegals.

Cannot turn into job just for friends.

No self supply unless you are the only dealer on.




Can raid, mug, and kidnap.

Can own any weapon/bomb.

Can own illegals.

Terrors can only be done by terrorists and must not last longer than 2 minutes.

You can terrorize every 30 minutes.

Terrorists are KOS after they advert terror.



Crazed Doctor/Medic:

Can raid.

Can own illegals.




Can NOT raid, mug, or kidnap.

Can  NOT own any bombs.

Can own illegals, if they have license.

Can defend a raid if service is bought.



Car Dealer:

Cannot raid, mug, or kidnap.

Can own any weapon.

Can own illegal .

Sell cars to anyone.




Can raid, mug, or kidnap.

Protect your club owner.

Can own any weapon.

Can own illegals.

Dance for money.



Drug Dealers:

Cannot raid, mug, or kidnap, protect each other.

Can own any weapon.

Can own illegals.

Sell drugs for money.




Cannot raid, mug, or kidnap.

Can own pistols only.

Cannot own illegals.



Meth Cook:

Cannot raid, mug, or kidnap.

Can own any weapon.

Can own illegals.

Sell meth for money.



Lean Producer:

Cannot raid, mug, or kidnap.

Can own any weapon.

Can own illegals.

Sell lean for money.



Master Cook/Cook/Pizza Chef:

Cannot raid, mug, or kidnap.

Can own any weapons.

Can own illegals.

Cook for the people.




Can raid, mug, and kidnap.

Can own any weapon.

Can own illegals.




Stay underground at ALL times.

Can raid, mug, and kidnap (UNDERGROUND ONLY).

Can only own machetes and knives.

Can rdm anyone UNDERGROUND (not other lurkers).

Anyone that is underground has the power to rdm lurkers.



Lurker Hunter:

Can not raid, mug, and kidnap.

Can own any weapon.

You hunt Lurkers.



Raiding Custom Classes:

Can raid, mug, and kidnap.

Can own any weapons.

Can own illegals.




Cannot raid, mug, and kidnap.

Can own a small firearm.

Can own illegals.

Can only rape indoors or in alleyways.

5 minute cooldown on raping someone.


Retro Miner:

Cannot raid, mug, and kidnap.

Can own a shotgun and or pistol.

Cannot own illegals.




You cannot raid, mug, or kidnap.

You cannot own illegals.

Can own weapons.



Hotel Manager:

You cannot raid, mug, or kidnap

You cannot own illegals

Cannot own weapons

You can base with other jobs



Synthesiser Player:

You cannot raid, mug, or kidnap

You cannot own illegals

Cannot own weapons

You can base with other jobs


If there is a job that isn't displayed here, it could be cause its new and not updated just yet. Please follow regular server rules if this is the case, this does not mean you can just break every rule as that job.

Thankyou for your time! Enjoy your time with us.






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