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Posted: 6 months ago / Aug 08, 2020
Edited: 6 months ago / Aug 11, 2020



First Name: nick

Location: usa

Your first language: english

Date of Birth: 1/16/2007

Steam ID (http://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_0:0:189497463

Steam Profile: Tasty

Your in-game name: Tasty


Your in-game time as of writing(!time):5d 6h 1m


Have you donated/will you be able to in the future? (Can help with trusting in the future): I'm broke no I have never donated I wish I could but I lost my debit attached to my paypal

How many hours can you play on average a day?: 3 to 4 hours

How many hours can you play on average a week?: 6 to 4

Have you fully read, understood and agreed to the Rules?: yes

Has any staff member referred you, (List who and their IGN's): I don't think so

What does 'RDM' stand for?: random deathmatch


What does 'NLR' stand for?: new life rule


What does 'RDA' stand for?: random arrest


Give an example of all three: ok

RDM: killing someone for no reason

NLR: can't go back to the place where you died for a limited time

RDA: arresting someone for no reason


A user is prop-spamming, how do you handle this?: kick them or call an admin higher than me


A donor is prop-spamming, how do you handle this?: jail them for a couple hours or minutes


What is 'FearRP'?: when you have to be scared at gunpoint or robbery


What is 'FailRP'?: doing something that you shouldn't do in a rp situation


Give an example of both: ok

FearRP: help me please someone I am a hostage at a robbery

FailRP: I'm gonna fire you then kill you (this is something that happened to me ingame so)

You've witnessed a fellow staff member RDM and shrug it off, how do you handle this?: call a higher staff


You've witnessed a fellow donator RDM and shrug it off, how do you handle this?: kick them or call a higher staff


As a Staff member, you are expected to treat all players equally. What does it mean to be biased?: being unfair meaning letting someone go after they have massed rdmed and then kick someone different that mass rdmed


A user is disrespecting you, shouting offensive slurs at you. He says his reasoning behind this is because he thinks you aren't doing your job correctly. How do you handle this?: mute him for a couple minutes and wait for another staff


Tell us why you'd be a good addition to our Staff team (100 words or more): because I could always be on the server when other staff aren't (I don't mean any disrespect when I say that) I want to experience dealing with people that aren't doing something right and if I get demoted I will be respectful when this has been done because at the end of the day I was staff. I know the rules so whenever someone is doing something agaisnt the rules I could know what to do. I could be a help to staff and others. I try to be respectful as possible to others. I can be on almost every single day I always have free time.

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