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Posted: 4 days ago / Aug 01, 2020
Edited: 2 days ago / Aug 03, 2020



First Name:dookiefart


Your first language:english

Date of Birth:06\12\2006

Steam ID ( STEAM_0:0:459774430

Steam Profile:dookiefart

Your in-game name:dookiefart


Your in-game time as of writing(!time):1week 6 days 1hours 11minutes


Have you donated/will you be able to in the future? (Can help with trusting in the future):yes i will donate more in future, im donater plus and have the begginer pack, custom printers aswell

How many hours can you play on average a day?:6-8

How many hours can you play on average a week?:prob. 48hr

Have you fully read, understood and agreed to the Rules?:Yes sir

Has any staff member referred you, (List who and their IGN's):no

What does 'RDM' stand for?:Random Death Match


What does 'NLR' stand for?:New Life Rule


What does 'RDA' stand for?:Random Arrest


Give an example of all three: -  - 

RDM:you go out of spawn then get killed for no reason (RDM)

NLR:get killed while raiding and die go back to same area of death (NLR)

RDA:your standing in spawn afk at dinner and get arrested randomly (RDA)



A user is prop-spamming, how do you handle this?:i would put themm in a sit and ask why they are prop spamming then ask them to stop if they only spamed 5-10 props i would vocally warn them if they prop spamed even more it would be a !warn or a ban.


A donor is prop-spamming, how do you handle this?:i would handle him the same way i would handle a everyone else because they has no extra authority/power


What is 'FearRP'?:your character is afraid to die.

What is 'FailRP'?:can't role play properly with other people or characters.

Give an example of both:

FearRP:pulling out a gun while getting muged and killing the mugger


FailRP:fail rp is having 2 fading doors to close to each other so only 1 person/raider can fit between the 2 fading doors


You've witnessed a fellow staff member RDM and shrug it off, how do you handle this?:i would ask grapeape or a higher staff member help me defuse the situation.


You've witnessed a fellow donator RDM and shrug it off, how do you handle this?:i either ask a higher staff member to help me with the situation or i ask the victem of the rdm if he would like a vocal warn or a !warn


As a Staff member, you are expected to treat all players equally. What does it mean to be biased?:unfairly distrust someone or somthing


A user is disrespecting you, shouting offensive slurs at you. He says his reasoning behind this is because he thinks you aren't doing your job correctly. How do you handle this?:i ask him to calm down and ask him to please stop disrespecting staff if he does not comply then it will result in a !warn or ban


Tell us why you'd be a good addition to our Staff team (100 words or more):i believe that i would make a good addition to the staff team because i love the server and I love the community and i try to help new player with rules and simple information. I just want to help people out and make sure that they are having a good time on the server and having fun without breaking any rules this is the only server i play on now and people should be able to join and have fun with everyone. Im going to be honest with all of you i have  no staff experince but i just want to have that heart warming feeling that i helped someone. I no life on this server now and love every second of it. i hope you will consider me. id love to be helpful here and there

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