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Posted: 1 month ago / Jul 01, 2020

I'm sure many other players would agree with me when I say that the "terror" advert can be way too OP. I like it if you use a normal weapon like a rifle or something but these users who have rockets and shit and can kill 5-10 people downtown just trying to RP and have fun is really annoying. It really kills the fun and RP mood when I'm interacting with players at the fountain and some kid with a rocket launcher kills all of us. I have no defence against that unless I don't go out of my base. I'm not saying get rid of it all together, but maybe increasing the time between terror even further, or not allowing players to only use certain weapons during it, such as a timed c4 or ak47. I'm sure the players who do this or have relations to them will -1 this suggestion but I just wanted to see if other players are bothered by this.

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