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Posted: 1 month ago / Jul 01, 2020
Edited: 1 month ago / Jul 01, 2020

Your IGN: aquila


IGN of players involved: myself and the staff member in question


Staff member you're reporting: 

His IGN as of 7/1/20: "Weiner AFK"


What did they do? (Explain): He flew into my base while on duty I believe, took the money out of my bitcoin, then started to fling my friend around his base. He did refund me $30,000 when I questioned him, however, it is not known how much he really took and I don't think his behaviour should be tolerated on here. 


Evidence (Photos, YouTube links, etc): I had to upload two it into videos since it didn't save the entire encounter in 1 clip. - part 1, Weiner AFK taking the money from my bitcoin (skip to ~ 1:45) - part 2, Weiner AFK moving around my friend for no reason

AzmGhUT.png - insulting me and other staff for reporting him

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