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Posted: 6 months ago / Jun 25, 2020
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The Staff Handbook is to be looked upon by every staff member and be obligated to follow it.
Failure to abide the handbook as a staff member may result in punishment. Remember, you
represent the server! Be professional, respectful and optimistic!
Staff Commands
Staffing commands that you will use on the daily.
!menu (Opens the SAM menu)
!logs/!blogs (Opens servers logs)
!god (Enables god-mode)
!goto {username} (Teleports you to the indicated player.)
!bring {username} (Teleports the indicated player to you)
!return {username} (Returns the indicated player to their previous position)
!jail {username} (Jails the indicated person)
!unjail {username} ( Unjails the player that is currently jailed.)
!jailtp {username} (Teleports & jails indicated player)
!freeze {username} (Freezes targeted player)
!cloak {username} (Cloaks indicated player)
!uncloak {username} (Uncloaks indicated player)
!ban {username} {duration of time} {reason} (Bans the indicated player from the
!kick {username} (Kicks the player from the server)
!warn {username} {reason} (Warns the player in the AWarn system)
The warning system is to be used for noting punishments given to a user. Do NOT warn for bans
or verbal warnings. If you pass your warn thresholds, you will be brough with the punishments
10 Warns: 3 Day Ban
15 Warns: 1 Week Ban
20 Warns: 2-3 Week Ban
Rank Permissions
Trial-ModeratorModeratorSenior ModeratorAdminSenior AdminHead
AdminStaff ManagerOwner
Smokeybacon is the owner of the server. if you have a question relating
staffing/addons/suggestions/custom classes etc. you can contact him directly!
Staff Manager
Staff Managers are to accept people and decline positions on the staff team. Their job is to
moderate the staff team and everyone’s positions while making sure everyone one on the
team is active and following the guidelines.
• Ban: Permanent
• Demote Privileges: Yes
• Forums: Admin
• Discord: All
Head Administrator
Head Administrators will be there whenever needed. Their job is to make sure everything
is running smoothly and making sure that everyone is doing what they’re supposed to.
Head administrators must have a strong forum/in-game presence, leadership skills,
maturity, and the ability to make hard decisions.
• Ban: Permanent
• Demote Privileges: Yes
• Forums: Admin
• Discord: Admin Permissions. (Kick,Ban,Muted..etc)
Senior Administrator
Senior Administrators are admins who must show signs of leadership and good
communication. Their job is to help out other staff members and have good communication
with the other higher-ups.
• Ban: Permanent
• Demote Privileges: No
• Forums: Admin
• Discord: Admin Permissions. (Kick,Ban,Muted..etc)
As Administrator, you must have a good understanding of the rules and the server.
Administrators need to show a strong in-game and forum presence. Your job is to help
mainly Moderators and Trial-Moderators while also being active on the server.
• Ban: Permanent
• Demote Privileges: No
• Forums: Moderator
• Discord: Mute and Gag
Senior Moderator
As Senior Moderator, your job is to bring guidance to Moderators and be active on the
server and answering any questions that other positions might have.
• Ban: 3 month
• Demote Privileges: No
• Forums: Moderator
• Discord: Mute and Gag
After passing your trail moderator phase you are promoted to moderator. Reaching this
rank means that you have proven yourself to have a good understanding of the rules and
have a basic understanding of staffing. You gain a lot of new commands which help you
handle different situations and an increased ban-time.
• Ban: 1 Month
• Demote Privileges: No
• Forums: Moderator
• Discord: None
Trial Moderator
Trial Moderator is the first position that every staff member will start on. To get this rank
you must post a staff application and get accepted. Trail moderators should be requesting
assistance from their superiors; ask questions, ask for help, ask about punishments, etc.
Trial moderators must maintain an active presence on the forums, discord, and server in
which they maintain a basic level of control.
• Ban: Kick
• Demote Privileges: No
• Forums: None
• Discord: None
Staff Guidelines
On Duty:
If a staff member has selected their job as Staff on Duty, then they have indicated they are
giving their full attention to performing staff duties, not role playing.
• Go to ALL sits received within your limitations.
• Do not noclip into bases unless involved in a sit.
• Remain professional, fair, and honest.
• Set your job to Citizen if you’re going AFK.
Do Not:
• Ignore sits.
• Noclip at all without reason.
• Abuse your powers to give ANYONE an advantage.
• Use noclip to build.
• Be biased as staff
Permanent Bans
These are punishable with a permanent ban from the discord/server/forums. Committing
any of these will result in a permanent ban.
• DDOS Threats
• Scripts/Exploits/Hacking
• IRL Threats to anyone
• Scamming
• Alt Accounts




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