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Posted: 8 months ago / Jun 13, 2020
Edited: 8 months ago / Jun 14, 2020



First Name: Jay


Location: TX


Date Of Birth: 05/06/04




IGN: Phoenix


I have supporter+ and am right behind cameron on the leaderboard.


6-7 hours daily but once work resumes in a few months I have no idea.


I can play about 35 hours a week.


I have fully read the motd and I have read the staff handbook


I have gotten referrals from HuFF and Pedro


RDM stands for 'random deathmatch'


NLR stands for 'new life rule'


RDA stands for 'random arrest' (the D is there to make it more clear I guess)


RDM: walking up to someone and shooting them for no reason other than feeling like it.


NLR: someone raids your base and kills you but you go straight back and participating in the rp by defending again.


CDM: Car deathmatch involves running someone over with your car and killing them because you feel like it.


RDA: randomly arresting someone for no reason. (some people just want money from bail)


If someone is prop spamming give them a warn and if they continue kick, and then 6 hour ban


Donors fund the server for everyone to have fun, not just so they can be annoying. Donors are treated the same. as normal users.


FearRP is when your character fears for their life and as such they wont pull out a gun while being mugged.


FailRP is when you do something that that contradicts your scenario or character like having your hands tied during a kidnapping and pulling out a gun.


FearRP you fear for your life because you are being mugged at gunpoint and would die if you pulled a gun out.


FailRP would be comitting suicide to get out of being arrested.


If I saw a fellow staff RDM and shrug it off I would ask them about it just incase I missed something and if there wasnt a reason I would talk to a higher up staff member.


A fellow donator RDMing should be treated the exact same way as anyone else on the server.


To be biased would to not warn or ban your friends because they are your friends.


If someone is 'dissing staff' you should give them a verbal warning and if continue you should mute and/or gag them.


I think I would be a good addition to the staff team because I have a lot of time to put into it and I do plan to put in more. For the most part though the best thing I think I could do would be to have good judgement which I think I am pretty good at (everyone thinks highly of themselves though).  I just want to make it more fun for people to play the game without being harassed. I think I could be a good staff because of all this put together as seperate its not worth as much as it is together.

its more than 100 words

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