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Posted: 8 months ago / Jun 02, 2020
Edited: 8 months ago / Jun 02, 2020

     I am making this post because purge is very onesided ATM. However, it's only onesided to people with boosts. I'm talking about people with 200 hp and 250 armor and Damage output increase when 90% of players spawn without armor and only 100hp(except for cp which is another thing I will bring up later).

     Nerve gas is broken as well as you know if someone throws outside of spawn people cannot leave without dying. At the end of the day, I do believe that people should be able to gain certain advantages over others depending on how much work they put in.

    But I think that certain advantages take the skill out of the game completely such as using ur perm nerve gas to win purge and ruin the fun for the other 60 players on the server. Yes, I am calling you out billy, your days of utter domination on the noobs will soon come to an end.

    Now here is what I propose, during the purge, people should have 100 hp 100 armor EVERYONE should have the same amount of armor. I think that it should be even because this a huge advantage it should not take a whole mag of a striker point-blank to kill anyone. I do not think anything else besides the nerve gas should be nerfed, which I know ur on it smokey thanks.

   Also, cops spawn with armor giving them armor for no reason, they did not grind a bunch of money to get perms or ar boost and reap more or less the same advantages to people with ar and hp boost and CC's armor. I dont believe any of the weapons or damage boosts should be nerfed because anyone can buy a weapon it just depends how you use it.

Thanks for your time, 

Loves Panda

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