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Posted: 8 months ago / Jun 02, 2020
Edited: 8 months ago / Jun 04, 2020

First Name: Andrew

Location: Miami

Your first language: Spanish

Date of Birth: 4/12/02 (18)

Steam ID ( STEAM_0:1:59147353

Steam Profile: Loves Panda

Your in-game name: Loves Panda

Have you donated/will you be able to in the future? (Can help with trusting in the future): I am currently a broke college student, Ill repay u with the staff grind.

How many hours can you play on average a day?: Depends on my mood min 6 though

How many hours can you play on average a week?: prob around 50 realistically maybe more 

Have you fully read, understood and agreed to the Rules?: Yes.....

Has any staff member referred you, (List who and their IGN's):  -Smokey (jk)

What does 'RDM' stand for?: Random Death Match


What does 'NLR' stand for?: New Life Rule


What does 'RDA' stand for?: Random death Match


Give an example of all four:

RDM: random deathmatching 

NLR: going back to where u died

CDM: running someone over with car.

RDA: randomly arresting someone 

A user is prop-spamming, how do you handle this?: Tell him not do it and !warn him if he doesn't stop just jail or band


A donor is prop-spamming, how do you handle this?: To be honest pretty much the same way as above just a little differently bc donors actually support the server and have a higher chance of donating again.


What is 'FearRP'?: Pretty much a big scary dude walks up to you with a gun and tells u to give him ur wallet ur gonna do that. So that.


What is 'FailRP'?: When u do something your character your roleplaying would not do at all. Like a cop owning a printer, Mayor letting theif rob bank, etc.

Give an example of both:



You've witnessed a fellow staff member RDM and shrug it off, how do you handle this?: Ask the guy who rdmd if he even cares, if he does prob talk to him and get him to warn himself. If he doesn't and is my superior what can I do man? But if he's not and I'm his superior, threaten with demotion so he doesn't do it again.


You've witnessed a fellow donator RDM and shrug it off, how do you handle this?: Warn that man he knows the damned rules!


As a Staff member, you are expected to treat all players equally. What does it mean to be biased?: Fox news.


A user is disrespecting you, shouting offensive slurs at you. He says his reasoning behind this is because he thinks you aren't doing your job correctly. How do you handle this?: Gag him instantly the second he says a slur depends how bad it was but most likely ban.


Tell us why you'd be a good addition to our Staff team (100 words or more):

Ok so pretty much, I know some of my funny responses to your questions may have given you the vibe im not being serious. But I am its just my personality. I like to joke around have fun blah blah. I have 4,000 hours on garrys mod. Let me repeat that again 4,000. I can code lua (very very adeptly) and pretty much know everything there is to know about the game all gamemodes (and including most of wiremod I really do like that you have this). I have been staff on many of the big and small servers that slowly died out (RIP 2016). The only bad thing that would come from making me staff is that I do split my time between League Of Legends and GMOD but for the most part I am active in both games and will be on duty when no staff on or there's a situation etc. I figured the server is relatively new (couple of months) and the staff is just a little bit short-handed that I would be a great addition to your team Smokey.

Thanks for your time,


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