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Posted: 2 months ago / Apr 13, 2020



After choosing everything you want on your custom printer in the prices forum and donating the exact amount at protectionrp.org/donate ,
please fill out this template ASAP. Please remember as a base this printer will print at the same speed and value as an Emerald printer (which
is still pretty fast) - to upgrade this, visit use the prices forum to invest in a quicker printer for yourself. 
Your Steam ID:
Name of Printer (Printed on top of the printer):
Color of printer (In game):

Have you paid for more money to be printed?:
Anything else you have paid for list here:
Please fill out this template under the Custom Printers Forum. Thankyou.
If all filled out correctly, this will be in the server by the next restart, which is usually daily.

Simp of ProtectionRP


Feel free to contact me with any inquires:

Discord - 420[Smokeybacon]420#5897

Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198116027343/

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