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Posted: 2 months ago / Apr 13, 2020
Edited: 1 week ago / Jul 02, 2020



After buying the Custom Job base on
you can choose to add things to your class additionally before
we make it. Sales DO affect these prices.
Please do remember none of this is REQUIRED once buying
a base, but this is for people who want a kitted out class.

Extra TFA Alt Weapons of your choice - $2.00 each

Adding a CS:GO Knife of your choice - $2.00 each

An extra $1000 on your salary - $3.00 each

Adding a friend to your class - $10.00 each

Adding an explosive to your class - $10.00 each

Ability to raid the PD vault - $5.00

Adding a weapon such as a Damascus sword to your class - $10.00 each
Adding a swep such as a spidermans gun to your class - $10.00 each

A Custom Player-model from the workshop of your choice - $12.00

A Hit System added to your class directly - $15.00

Ability to Terror - $15.00

And of course the almighty Light Saber - $50.00

Please fill out the template in the forums after checking out what you want and paying the price through custom donation on the donation site.
Everything can and should be discussed with the owner before purchase, please ask any questions about what weapons or sweps/items are allowed etc.
Contact my discord here : 420[Smokeybacon]420#5897

Simp of ProtectionRP


Feel free to contact me with any inquires:

Discord - 420[Smokeybacon]420#5897

Steam -

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