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REVIEWED WayZer is an Exemplary Staff Member


New member
Jan 17, 2023
Reaction score
Staff Member, you're recommending: WayZer

Why you believe they deserve a promotion: Because he's a human being with common sense and is capable of logical thought.

What situation did you feel they did the best in: I had set up a checkpoint in front of the PD, and he pulled me away to tell me that it wasn't allowed because there needs to be a free way around. While this is in the rules, it is unclear as to where the free path has to be. I would come to learn (later, from a worse staff member) that spawn and the adjacent building (for some asinine reason) do not count as a toll-free alternative. WayZer recognized the unclear rule and told me the checkpoint was okay and that the specifics of the rule were up to interpretation. Staff should not enforce an unclear rule for arbitrary reasons, and WayZer did not.

Do you understand lying in this section will result in punishment on both your, and the staff member's behalf? Yes. There are no lies in this request.

Do you understand if you make this, you're making it because you want to, not because you were asked or bribed? Yes. I don't have Medal running 24/7 so I have no evidence to report the other staff member with, so instead of making a feeble report, I decided to endorse the good staff member I dealt with.