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Accepted WayZer Admin Application


ProtectionRP Staff
Dec 4, 2022
Reaction score
Time played: 1w 2d

How long have you been in your current rank, and what rank are you? (You must be a Senior Moderator for 3 weeks): I am a Senior Mod and have been for 3 weeks.

Why do you feel like you deserve to be promoted to Admin?: I take good sits, I know the rules and I am always professional when interacting with our players especially when I'm on duty in the play area. I have proved I don't need to be told things twice and I feel that I am ready to be trusted with the elevated permissions that comes with being an admin.

Why should we consider promoting you to Admin?: I am well respected by players on fellow staff. I follow all the staff guidelines and I am honest when I make a mistake. I am very active on the server and I would like to take my first step into helping with management.

What difference will being an Admin versus a Moderator do for you?: As an Admins I will focus on look after not only the players but also the other staff. Ensuring everyone is following the guidelines and correct any mistakes if I see them.​