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Accepted Warn appeal


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Sep 18, 2022
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Username: Alabuh

Staff Member's Name: Sydney Villanova

Why should your warning be revoked?: Was warned due to base fail. I do not think this warn is fair, I have been on this server for +/- a year now and this is my first warn. Sydney told brdlevel that he does not see that a written warning is needed (x3) but brdlevel kept telling him " why dont you just go ahead and warn him and get it over with " at least 8 times. My keypad was hidden, but still accessible to anyone who entered. I told Sydney that i would be fixing the keypad if he wanted me to, but brdlevel kept insisting that he should warn me anyways. Since then, brdlevel has been using the ray gun, killing me from the street, shooting through my front door and killing me (2 times he didnt even raid, just killed me and walked up to my keypad, let it fail and then leave) but the 3rd time, he did enter my building but did not steal anything. This has happened 3 times since the warn. I believe brdlevel is just simply trolling and harassing me at this point.

Have you learned from your mistakes?: Yes, I will make my keypads more visible.

Your SteamID64: STEAM_0:0:28920076

Do you agree if we choose to revoke your warning, that you will follow the server rules listed here?: (Y/N): Yes
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ProtectionRP Staff
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Sep 18, 2022
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+1 for removal of the warn.

Obviously the choice isn't ultimately up to me but I would like to say I spectated the whole sit and interaction. Alabuh did in fact fix the keypad after being told the rule about hidden keypads.
=-5.2 -> Keypads must be visible and clear as to which door it opens.-=
He willingly fixed the keypad to where it followed the rule. brdlevel did in fact urge for a warn numerous times (all recorded from my POV). At one point brdlevel attempted to get Alabuh warned for harassment because he took a moment to fix the keypad because they wanted to know the rule behind it.

I think the warn should be removed due to Alabuh's co-operative actions during the sit, and willingness to fix their mistake.

If you have questions/concerns about my post my discord is tetel<3#0772