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Accepted Scail's Admin Application


ProtectionRP Staff
Aug 12, 2022
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Basic Information

Your name:

Time played:
My current time on the server is 1 month, 3 days and 23 hours, but I more than likely have one or two weeks of actual playtime whilst the rest is just AFK time.

How long have you been in your current rank, and what rank are you? (You must be a Senior Moderator for 3 weeks):
Three Weeks


Why do you feel like you deserve to be promoted to Admin?:
I am extremely dedicated to helping the server grow, and making the server better than it already is to the best of my current capabilities. I have done many things in order to make sure that the server thrives such as training new staff, helping our newer staff with tickets, and even joining the event team to make an attempt at making the server more lively. I very rarely make mistakes while staffing anymore, as I've spent a while on the staff team learning how to handle every single situation (which I have now,) so I can help any staff member that is below me in ranking that may need assistance. If I were Admin the team may come to me more often for help, which could improve the server quality by quite a bit.

Why should we consider promoting you to Admin?
In my opinion I feel like that I've made a positive impact on the server, if I were an admin I could make an even greater impact on the server. I know that I haven't been as active as usual and my sit counts are going down, because of school starting but now that I'm getting back into my schedule I will be able to be more active as I was when I first started staffing on the server. I've also always tried to set an example of the lower ranking staff members. I've helped many staff members whether it was just general questions or concerns about other things.

What difference will being an Admin versus a Moderator do for you?
I enjoy climbing the ranks of a staff team, so it'd effect me mentally which could make me a better staff member performance wise. I would also be able to help with the lower members of the staff team, as I've already done but instead of taking sits my priority would be helping and improving the quality of my fellow staff.
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