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Perms / Crates


ProtectionRP Staff
Jan 4, 2023
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This suggestion is more so going to pertain to our perms among something a little separate so this one is going to be slightly lengthy which is just fine. Before I start I wanna give a huge thanks to staff team for giving me a chance to write this and share my thoughts with you. Bare with me on this one. And if you have feedback don't hold back friend

I won't start this one off by outright asking to reduce prices on the perms, I feel like that discourages farming; not to mention would be broken, but at the same time
I feel like the road for perms is challenged with a couple different things, but custom classes is more so going to be a power point for this. I don't intend on this to come across as complaining about customs classes either, I have supporter lmao I don't mind buying a custom class and chucking away more dono money, that would only extend my point on this subject though.

--> Grinding for perms as of now is a taboo subject since we have the customs; <--

--> ultimately by the time you spend all of the hours getting all the millions you need from your dogecoin, weed, crack, etc. there's going to be more interaction and roleplay scenarios with somebody who dono'd for a custom. This in it's self is completely fine from the perspective of having your own unique appearance but takes away interaction with not only newer players but also said people grinding for perms. New players being ignored by people grappling across the map @ 1 mile per second not doesn't sit well with me but is a prime example of this. This might also encourage new players to play outside darkrp boundaries where as, if these examples were balanced, they won't be as more likely to act up or feel driven away from the server in general.

--> Another point I bring up on this matter is the conversion rate for our darkrp money to credits. I think this was most likely added to compensate for perms a bit. I think the conversion is bent though. The conversion rate cost alot to begin with and you get little to no credits in return for it. And I like this idea to an extent, It starts to get fuckt though when pretty much all of the "non-mega chad" perms are well over the 100's credits zone and well above it at that.

^ --> A sub point to this; let's say a perm is 2500 credits and the conversion rate was 100 credits for 8mil, that would be 200m total to afford the perm. This extends grind yes but also drives away new players and the only thing I've seen to litigate this is by donating which was it's own point in this entire suggestion.

The ideas I have in mind to help mitigate this issue are as follows;

--> New cost-efficient perms. Ones that range between 100-900 credits that aren't complete duds. Maybe throw a handgun in there. Surprise us lmao
--> Maybe cut that conversion rate?
--> Ban glock from the server


New member
Jan 10, 2023
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Final idea is giga-based.

In all seriousness, about a year ago there was a rotating permanent weapon shop for credits. This introduced its own set of problems (i.e. grinding unhealthily long periods of time to obtain multiple expensive credit weapons in a single week and artificial scarcity) but at least allowed for users to work towards something that was guaranteed instead of: let's buy 20 random chance crates, maybe I'll get something not totally useless this time!

New players being ignored by people grappling across the map @ 1 mile per second not doesn't sit well with me but is a prime example of this.
The grapple hook in general while fun and at this point a really essential tool in consistent grinding / selling for me, does drive this massive rift between those who very likely spent money and those who did not. It is around $106,250,000 in game to afford 2500 credits, which is the current price of the grapple hook. I spent time in my own post regarding this subject to discuss this in much more detail and show the math as to how I came up with a rough estimate of it taking 35-70 hours a player to obtain this much money give or take.

I will counter argument myself here, though. DarkRP reminds me a lot of many MMOs, and the grapple is like a mount. You receive a mount usually somewhat later into your experience, with many offering it around tens of hours in. The time to get a grapple is a bit longer, especially with PVP elements crashing in, tempting offers to hinder your progress, and stuff like that.

I think Smokey desperately needs to look over the perms and crates. The P2W is a bit painful right now. Even more so than usual.

Oh, and a final remark, what a horrible system the custom classes are. This is somewhat off topic, but Smokey is essentially doing a sort of bidding war where people pay him like $20-100 for certain perms of glitched weapons. When I ask for them, he says "Oh well x person paid THIS much for it on their cc". It is incredibly frustrating that these weapons (for which we have NO odds available for) are incredibly expensive for either custom classes or users to obtain. On top of all of that, custom classes have the struggle of:
>I contact Smokey
>They seldom reply
>They reply
>They make the changes in a couple of days
>They mess it up
>I contact Smokey

See the point? This is not always the experience but ask anyone at all with a CC and they will tell you the exact same thing. Unless of course they are bootlicking lol.