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Accepted Loki's Admin Application


Aug 14, 2022
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Your name: Loki

Time played: It says 3w 3d 19h 28min but ik ive been here for more than three weeks (prob like 3m or 4m)

How long have you been in your current rank, and what rank are you? (You must be a Senior Moderator for 3 weeks): I've been a senior mod for 3 weeks now, and im an admin now .

Why do you feel like you deserve to be promoted to Admin?: I feel like I deserve to be promoted to admin is because i always help out with players not knowing about certain things on the server or just help training new staff members on stuff there not familiar with, just all around just always want to help in the best way possible whenever I'm available.

Why should we consider promoting you to Admin?: Why yall should consider promoting me to admin is cause I can help resolve alot of problems that occur when higher up arent on and just be helpful in general with problem solving.

What difference will being an Admin versus a Moderator do for you?: Honestly the difference that will occur that being an admin from a mod will bring is even more maturity in my position and getting work done that needs to be done, like ban and warns being place if no higher up is on, answering players questions and concerns, and just overall a huge help when possible.
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