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Accepted GuzGuz staff application


Trial Mod
ProtectionRP Staff
Trial Mod
Oct 17, 2022
Reaction score
In-Game UserName: GuzGuz, Staff GuzGuz

Discord Name: Jay!#4129

Region: southeast

How Active Are You:
I'm moderately active not super, but plan to clear my time to play more prot rp.

Age: 16

Warns: none

Time On Server: after eco restart I have currently, 2h 16m, but I've been playing this server for about a year, and had a lot of hours before

What Is Your Current Level On The Server: level one after eco restart

Past Staffing Experience: I was tmod on icefuse darprp, and have been superadmin in cityrp.

Why Do You Want To Join Our Staff Team: I really enjoy the community, and would love to spend more time getting closer to my friends on the staff team by helping them out, And I would like to put in my time considering I am a very out going person and have recently gotten a lot of time on my hands and want to spend that time not just playing the server but being staff and making sits fair.

Why Should I Be Accepted Onto The Staff Team: I believe I should be accepted because, I would be a great addition to the staff platoon as in I'm always looking at the rules to make sure what I'm doing is good and not going to get me in trouble. Also would love to help people better understand the rules of protection rp. And would love to help other staff by taking their sits so they can enjoy rp as well.

Are You Found Of The Server Rules And Punishments(Y/N): Yes, I think some of the rules could be tweaked, but think the punishments are very just and fair.

Have You Resigned Anywhere Else(Y/N): Yes, on icefuse.

Scenario Based Questions

1. If a player bases with a friend and the friend steals from their printer; resulting in a ticket, how would you handle the situation?: Insiding / scamming would result in a warn if it was only the first time.

2. Someone is prop spamming, everywhere. What steps would you take to alleviate the situation?: Freeze the prop spammer, delete all of their props, and warn.

3. If a player starts screaming racist or homophobic slurs, what would you do?: Warning, gag & mute 20 minutes

4. If a player admits to cheating, and you cloak yourself to investigate, and the player begins pointing their physgun at you, how would you handle this?: Permanent ban. No hacking, no exceptions.

5. A player is running around Mass RDMing while screaming slurs; what steps would you take to deal with the situation?: 2 week ban

Ending Questions / Guidelines

Do you understand that lying in your application is an instant denial? (Y/N): Yes

Do you understand that you need to remain active unless you post an inactivity report in our discord? (Y/N): Yes

Do you understand that you need to have 1d played time on our server before applying, you will be instantly denied if you do not meet this requirement: (Y/N): Yes

Do you understand that sharing this application with anyone, including staff will get you instantly denied?: (Y/N): Yes


Senior Mod
ProtectionRP Staff
Senior Moderator
Sep 18, 2022
Reaction score
guz ily but i haven't seen you active other than 30 minutes when you were calling me slurs and vibing with us


Seggsy Fried Cyth FTW
Sep 29, 2022
Reaction score
For now I'm going -1 this app. If you're serious about being more active, then we will see how you act as a player and be able to decide further. Please understand this -1 is based off of activity