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Accepted Damn's staff applicaton.


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Sep 7, 2022
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Ingame Usernames (Include any you have used):

Discord Username:

Pacific Standard


Age: (You must be 15+ in order to apply):

How many warns do you have on record? (Less than 3):
I have an RDMx4 warn waiting to be removed.

How many hours do you currently have on our server? (Use !time to check, 1d played is required to apply):
"Your total time is 3w 3d 9h 11m."

What is your current level on the server?:
Level 15

Do you have any previous experience being a Staff Member?:
I have previous experience in managing discord servers for communities. I have not staffed on a Garry's Mod server yet but I would love to gain the experience on a server I enjoy.

Why do you want to join our staff team?: (2-3 sentences minimum):
I would like to join the staff team on ProtectionRP to help out, in other words I wan't to give the staff that are active a lot a break. I feel that I could be very
valuable to the staff team as my flexible hours and messed up sleep schedule. I picked ProtectionRP as a start to my experience because I really enjoy playing the server and really enjoy being around the community as a whole, it's a very nice community who can take a joke or two. I feel if given the chance I can blow everyone away with my quick knowledge and very fast learning skills. I have a general knowledge of most of the rules (I can never be perfect) and I am a very lenient person and appreciate those who take the time to address an issue with a player to be corrected.

Why should you be accepted onto the staff team?: (2-3 sentences minimum):
I believe I should be accepted onto the staff team because I have a very flexible schedule when it comes to playing. My sleep schedule is terrible so I'm up until 4am and usually on for most of the day. From what I have observed I feel as I could be a very valuable asset to the staff team due to my high tolerance and patience for people who try to get under my skin and/or into my head. I am very quick with what I do, I know most of the rules through my head and know most of the punishments for those rules being broken, granted I am not perfect but everybody needs to start somewhere, I choose to attempt to start here.

Are you fond of our current server rules and punishments?: (Y/N):
I know most of them by heart.

Have you resigned from anywhere else recently?: (Y/N):
I have not.
Scenario Based Questions
1. If a player bases with a friend and the friend steals from their printer; resulting in a ticket, how would you handle the situation?:
In the basing rules it heavily states that insiding is forbidden, I would act according to the punishment guidelines for insiding if they have a previous warn for it. If there is no previous warn that I see I would advise them to not do it again and compensate the reporter for their money lost and close the ticket.

2. Someone is prop spamming, everywhere. What steps would you take to alleviate the situation?:
Assuming I am a trial-moderator I would mute/gag and jail them so they cannot spam the chat or scream at people/interrupt sits. I would then go into the discord or wherever I need to
go to submit a Chain of Command ticket to have them banned.

3. If a player starts screaming racist or homophobic slurs, what would you do?:
A jail, mute, and gag. Going wherever I need to go to submit a ban request/Chain of Command request.

4. If a player admits to cheating, and you cloak yourself to investigate, and the player begins pointing their physgun at you, how would you handle this?:
A jail, mute, and gag to prevent chat spam while awaiting their ban. Going where I need to go to submit a ban request/Chain of Command request.

5. A player is running around Mass RDMing while screaming slurs; what steps would you take to deal with the situation?:
Once again, a jail, mute, gag to prevent the mass RDM and to prevent chat spam/slurs being screamed while awaiting ban, putting a ban/chain of command request for the ban.
Ending Questions / Guidelines
Do you understand that lying in your application is an instant denial? (Y/N): Yes.

Do you understand that you need to remain active unless you post an inactivity report in our discord? (Y/N): Yes.

Do you understand that you need to have 1d played time on our server before applying, you will be instantly denied if you do not meet this requirement: (Y/N): Yes.

Do you understand that sharing this application with anyone, including staff will get you instantly denied?: (Y/N): Yes.
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Aug 31, 2022
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Neautral I’ve seen you a little but try and get a little more active and know but still a cool guy