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Accepted Brays Staff Application


Aug 31, 2022
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Discord Username: Brayslasher#4347

Region: Eastern

17Age: (You must be 15+ in order to apply):17

How many warns do you have on record? (Less than 3):0

How many hours do you currently have on our server? (Use! time to check, 1d played is required to apply):3days 7hours

What is your current level on the server?3
Do you have any previous experience being a Staff Yes, I used to be staff on icefuse.net and if anyone Knows that is Pretty hard to get into
Why do you want to join our staff team?: (2-3 sentences minimum):I would like to join the staff team because like most people I have had a lot of staff experience and really enjoy helping people and I'm not that person that just likes to be staff for power I staff because I care about this server and everyone in it ever and scence i joined this server my goal has to one day be able to be in the staff team and I'm hoping today is the day. I have been really active in the community ever scence I joined and I think that is a good thing when it comes to staff like most people I'm a really nice and responsible guy I never treat anyone unfairly or Badley at any point in my life I will always do what the Management team tells me to do i have never made a mistake when I was staff before and continue to do so if I was to become staff on here and if I was to get staff I would take sits whenever one popped up even if it's a Dum one I will handle it how it should be
Why should you be accepted onto the staff team? (2-3 sentences minimum): I feel I should be accepted to the staff team because I'm a really active member of the server and think that I would be able to help the community by taking tickets. When I got on the server, I saw there were a lot of people and all those people might need help, and I could be there to help them if they need help with anything. I'm a very patient person when it comes to moderation. I Don't rush a sit to just get it over with. I take my time and handle it how it is supposed to be handled. I take staff really seriously and don't mess around while on duty because staff is what I care about, and I don't goof around to get kicked off the team. The last reason I think I should be accepted is because I'm not one of those people that get angry a lot.

Are you fond of our current server rules and punishments? (Y/N): Yes

Have you resigned from anywhere else recently? (Y/N): Like 3Months ago From Icefuse.net

Scenario Based Questions

1. If a player bases with a friend and the friend steals from their printer; resulting in a ticket, how would you handle the situation? I would bring them and ask him to give it back if he does not i would give him the proper punishment

2. Someone is prop spamming, everywhere. What steps would you take to alleviate the situation? I would first tell them to stop and remove the props and if they continued, they would be punished

3. If a player starts screaming racist or homophobic slurs, what would you do? I would Mute and Gag Him and if he does not stop After that then bigger punishments will be made

4. If a player admits to cheating, and you cloak yourself to investigate, and the player begins pointing their Phys gun at you, how would you handle this?:i would get a Video of it and give it to a higher up so they can decide the punishment

5. A player is running around Mass RDMing while screaming slurs; what steps would you take to deal with the situation?:I would bring them and freeze them and give them the proper ban for mas RDM

Ending Questions / Guidelines

Do you understand that lying in your application is an instant denial? (Y/N):Yes

Do you understand that you need to remain active unless you post an inactivity report in our discord? (Y/N):Yes

Do you understand that you need to have 1d played time on our server before applying, you will be instantly denied if you do not meet this requirement: (Y/N):yes

Do you understand that sharing this application with anyone, including staff will get you instantly denied?: (Y/N):Yes
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ProtectionRP Staff
Aug 12, 2022
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You’re pretty chill, friendly, and this is a decent application. IceFuse isn’t really difficult to get into as you say, but it is still something.