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Brays Event Team App


ProtectionRP Staff
Aug 31, 2022
Reaction score
In-game name:Bray

Age (You must be 15+ in order to apply):18


Amount of warns you have (Less than 3):0

Time zone:EST

Playtime?(Use !time In-game):5 Days 15H

Do you have a microphone? (Yes/No):Yes

Past experiences as Event team:Yes on Ice Fuse Networks

Why should you be accepted? (2-3 sentences minimum):I feel that i should be Accepted because i have had a lot of Experience with making Events and feel that i would fit in really well because I'm a well know Player and staff Member on the community and have a lot of Experience with making events i feel that my time on the server is another good thing because most people know me and I'm not some guy that got event team and not known to the community and i feel that i should be accepted also because im a really good builder and really good guy to get along with

In your own words, what are the responsibilities of the Event Team ?: To Build Events For the Community to play and Buy doing that it will help the community to grow bigger and lead more people to staying on the server and my Responsibilities is to be there on the days that events should be held and not to abuse my power

list and explain 2 unique event ideas (make sure to include detail):Musical Chairs/And Hide and Seak

Do you understand that sharing this application with anyone, including staff will get you instantly denied? (Yes/No):Yes

Do you understand that lying in your application is an instant denial? (Yes/No):Yes