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  1. FlippingOff

    Accepted Hoof Lovers Warn Appeal

    Approved on the basis this does not happen again.
  2. FlippingOff

    Accepted spam appeal

  3. FlippingOff

    Accepted RDM Warn Appeal

  4. FlippingOff

    REVIEWED Bladee exploit/noclip into base during raid

    handled staff member was spoken to a while back.
  5. FlippingOff

    Denied was banned for being accused of someone im not

    Denied, have a good one sanzetsu.
  6. FlippingOff

    Accepted Papa Quill 1x Exploit Warn Appeal

    Approved, be careful where you afk next time.
  7. FlippingOff

    IMPORTANT ProtectionRP Server Rules

    Rule update. 9/19/2022 General rules You may not use any model that is smaller than the default citizen model in roleplay scenarios. This excludes Jobs with set playermodels below the normal size. You may not abuse the dance/emote system during rp scenarios. Do not afk limited jobs you could...
  8. FlippingOff

    Accepted AFK as banker/jug 5+ offenses warn appeal

    Approved rules will be updated to include this as it was a rule at one point
  9. FlippingOff

    Accepted Loki's Admin Application

    You’re the goat noted and accepted welcome!
  10. FlippingOff

    Accepted Warn appeal

  11. FlippingOff

    Accepted spam appeal

    ill speak to brooke at my earliest convenience and see about removing the warns. we do not like our chat being spammed. i normally mute if it continues then i issue the warn but it is staff discretion. i will update here with the decision
  12. FlippingOff

    Accepted Hugh Jardon's Admin App

    thank you for your input pnj. Noted and accepted
  13. FlippingOff

    Accepted Bladee's Staff Application (Revised)

    Accepted. Welcome to the Team
  14. FlippingOff

    Accepted ban appeal

    Approved. side note if its progressively getting worse when you're trying to voice your opinion go to a higher up and or forums.