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  1. Scail


    You were in jail for breaking NLR?
  2. Scail

    Kinatera's Staff Application (close)

    What you typed does not come out to equal 2-3 sentences, as it is our minimum to be accepted it is pretty obvious you do not have any actual dedication to join the staff team. If you were to actually want to join the team you'd put a little more effort into your application. -1
  3. Scail

    Xenia/Disko Admin Application

    I'm sure Disko had nothing to do with Cvm abusing and mass rdming. In my opinion it's kind of unfair to +/- his application based off of what someone else did regardless of him helping create another server with said player. What matters is that Disko hasn't abused or massed. +1
  4. Scail

    BigJhonny5 Ban Appeal

    Flip is the Super Admin/Staff Manager; as Thomas said Melt could only ban for up to two weeks, so flip had to extend it. Suicide Encouragement is a permanent ban, as it is not something to joke around about. -1
  5. Scail


    It does, you clearly haven’t read the rules all the way through. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the rules, and it clearly states that LTAP is a 1 week ban. Whether it was intentional or not it’s still in the rules.
  6. Scail

    Staff aplication off MikeProGamer

    No effort. -1
  7. Scail

    Application for staff

    You have no detail in your application, I haven't really seen you online. -1
  8. Scail

    B4sh's Tmod Application

    You practically just told us you're not going to respond to one of the questions we gave you. Not close to enough detail, and I just don't think you're fit for becoming staff on the server. -1
  9. Scail

    Thomas's Staff Application

    I think you're a great fit for staff, I haven't really seen you be a minge or anything of the sorts nor have I gotten any reports about you. You always notify me or other staff members when something is going wrong on the server/forums/discord, etc... +1
  10. Scail

    Accepted RDM Warn Appeal

    A warning isn't a harsh offense, it's called a warning for a reason. Some staff members such as I offer the player who got RDM'd to choose whether they get warned or no (we obviously don't let them choose in all scenarios,) but if the staff member knew you were at fault You did make a whole...
  11. Scail

    Accepted spam appeal

  12. Scail

    Add hitman to Saint

    Approved on my end(The CC owner,) just wait for smokey now.
  13. Scail

    Accepted Scail's Admin Application

    Basic Information Your name: ➤ Scail Time played: ➤ My current time on the server is 1 month, 3 days and 23 hours, but I more than likely have one or two weeks of actual playtime whilst the rest is just AFK time. How long have you been in your current rank, and what rank are you? (You must...
  14. Scail

    Accepted Sydney's Staff Application

    If someone asks for it sure. Now this does not mean you may go to players saying, "Here's the link to my application, go +1 it." I'm really not sure if you're trying to kid or not, but if somebody asks for the link of your application (Without you being like, "Go check it out," you may obviously...
  15. Scail

    Denied unban cuz time was wrong

    Follow the format 😁 https://protectionrp.org/index.php?threads/ban-appeal-template.11/
  16. Scail

    Denied unban cuz time was wrong

  17. Scail

    Accepted Sydney's Staff Application

    Stop talking buddy, you aren’t making any sense. Stop flooding this post, he wasn’t advertising it.
  18. Scail

    Saint CC Changes

    I allow this edit to my cc, not sure if we're allowed to have the contraband but if not hit me up on discord; thanks smokey
  19. Scail

    Accepted Scail's Event Team Application

    In-game name: Scail Age: 15 SteamID: 76561198272409641 Warning count: 0 Time Zone: EST Playtime: A month Do you have a microphone: Yes Past experiences as event team: I managed/created a bunch of events in my manager days, I also was on the IceFuse event team. Why I should be accepted: I've been...