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  1. Pnjv3

    Staff app

  2. Pnjv3

    Brays Event Team App

    No detail smh
  3. Pnjv3

    B4sh's Tmod Application

    Inside raiding isn’t allowed at all
  4. Pnjv3

    REVIEWED Bladee exploit/noclip into base during raid

    Last time I was staff you weren't allowed to noclip to get back to your base and you weren't suppose to be using noclip at all unless you were handling a ticket.
  5. Pnjv3

    Application for staff

    -1 no detail
  6. Pnjv3

    Accepted Hugh Jardon's Admin App

    +1 Great staff member, I always see him taking tickets and going above and beyond his duties.
  7. Pnjv3

    Denied CFX staff application

    Denied https://gyazo.com/50fb5370aa713786a34d3db7d967f515 https://gyazo.com/e6e2858482389b7357678693beb9d01e
  8. Pnjv3

    IMPORTANT Event Team Task/Rules

    Event Team Task/Rules -Do not abuse noclip you will get removed from team. -Once you're done making an event you must do !checkrank before RPing again. You can ask any Head Admin+ to reset your rank -You must work on setting up an event. -When it comes time to choose an event you must...
  9. Pnjv3

    IMPORTANT Event Team Application Template

    In-game name: Age (You must be 15+ in order to apply): SteamID64: Amount of warns you have (Less than 3): Time zone: Playtime?(Use !time In-game): Do you have a microphone? (Yes/No): Past experiences as Event team: Why should you be accepted? (2-3 sentences minimum)...
  10. Pnjv3

    IMPORTANT Chain Of Command

    Server Owner The Owner of ProtectionRP; is in charge of overseeing every operation of the server whether that involves development, staff, or community operations. Has final say in every matter and decision-making for the duration of ProtectionRP. Managers Right-Hand to the Owner. Managers are...
  11. Pnjv3

    Denied I thStaff Application

  12. Pnjv3

    Completed Aims' Custom Class

    Cocaine is a no go as well
  13. Pnjv3

    Completed Aims' Custom Class

    well you do you but it wont get added to your custom class I suggest changing it.
  14. Pnjv3

    Completed Aims' Custom Class

    You cant have meth on cutsom classes
  15. Pnjv3

    REVIEWED Staff Report + Obvious Evidence

    This Staff Member Resigned.
  16. Pnjv3

    Accepted 2x Warn appeal

  17. Pnjv3

    Denied atxmbxmb staff app