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  1. plane

    Party / Orgs

    They actually had this (kinda) a year or so ago. They were called Gangs and they had specific gang printers that made a ton of money. Really cool system and I sorta miss it. It let clans exist without being super lame.
  2. plane

    Mystic Flopp Harassment Report

    Yes because it is funny! I can't believe he actually went back to it. I'll stop responding now. Apologies for this thread being bumped so often.
  3. plane

    Mystic Flopp Harassment Report

    Holy shit I am rolling at this post
  4. plane

    Denied Purge Event Balancing

    I get you are referencing an actual "purge" as in the ones carried out within the films, however, I don't think the priority here is to stay faithful to those. It's to create a brief period where people essentially CAN randomly death match. That is its purpose... so how is it becoming more like...
  5. plane

    Mystic Flopp Harassment Report

    "Go back to bloodstone, pussy". What a cringe minge! Well written report.
  6. plane

    Denied Purge Event Balancing

    I full heartedly back your idea for the use of loadouts. Also, to make it an OPT-IN, not an OPT-OUT... Opt-in, you get choices of decent loadouts, maybe including some of the elusive permas to better line Smokey's pockets with? Sadly, your idea will very likely be ignored as there are people...
  7. plane


    Enjoy your time.
  8. plane

    An Open Discussion on the Growing Gacha Mechanics in ProtRP / Their Impact on the Average Player

    Understood. Yes, I believe those actions among others listed here (and plenty others I have not even scratched the surface of) to be incredibly predatory and for the long term health of this community, poor. Thank you for letting me know.
  9. plane

    Denied catbro13421's staff application

    Hi catbro13421! You must follow the specific staff application to apply linked here. You also must be 15+ to apply. You thus, have not met any of the current standards for applying! -1
  10. plane

    Perms / Crates

    Final idea is giga-based. In all seriousness, about a year ago there was a rotating permanent weapon shop for credits. This introduced its own set of problems (i.e. grinding unhealthily long periods of time to obtain multiple expensive credit weapons in a single week and artificial scarcity)...
  11. plane

    An Open Discussion on the Growing Gacha Mechanics in ProtRP / Their Impact on the Average Player

    I read through this prior and was sad it was essentially ignored by everyone. I felt I would cover some similar topics but did not even begin to propose these changes yet as I felt it would not go well with Smokey. I do not know how long you have played, but a year ago Smokey had a rotating...
  12. plane

    An Open Discussion on the Growing Gacha Mechanics in ProtRP / Their Impact on the Average Player

    Thank you for your support, Juicy! It means a lot. Appreciate your support, it makes me happy. I agree with you that many do not use it, however that could be due to a couple of reasons: Newer players do not have the capital available to upgrade all of the equipment to max level and begin...
  13. plane

    An Open Discussion on the Growing Gacha Mechanics in ProtRP / Their Impact on the Average Player

    Update 01/23/23 Smokey has added a another 69 credit crate titled as the "Jester Crate".
  14. plane

    Denied Staff App

    A rather large -1 from me. This user is either unfamiliar with basic ProtectionRP rules or intentionally ignores them. They regularly break NLR rules and claim to not know those rules since they took a large absence from the game. I have absolutely zero proof of this, so you will simply have to...
  15. plane

    Accepted Staff Application Tech Noah

    +1 For being a kind and passionate player who could help the community become a warmer, safer, and overall more fun place! I have had a decent amount of experience interacting with Noah and watching them interact with other users. I feel they could perform well as a staff member. I agree with...
  16. plane

    Denied Nicolyptic's Staff Application

    My apologies to hear about the struggles you have had to suffer through. Your suffering is valid and heard. This might sound a bit cheesy, but I promise you it does indeed get better! If you ever need someone to talk to, be sure to reach out to someone close that you can trust. If you feel there...
  17. plane

    Denied Custom's Staff Application

    +1 Well written and filled with passion and soul! I love to see it and would love to see you as a staff member!!!
  18. plane

    Denied Staff application

    This and odd formatting mistakes makes me think you did not put a lot of effort into typing out this application. I have yet to see you on and I play quite often, do we just miss one another? Perhaps, I am not sure. Maybe you did put effort into this, however: This response leads me to believe...
  19. plane

    Denied Astro_Volk66's staff application

    You did not follow the minimums listed here. You also used the wrong "there". It would be "their". -1 Please read the questions and follow the guidelines listed closely. Following simple in-text instructions is the absolute lowest bar I would like to see in a moderator on this server...
  20. plane

    Accepted NatWest's application

    Will give a casual +1 User is in my experiences with them passionate and kind. They carry themselves well and appear to know when it is appropriate to relax and have fun versus holding themselves to more of a professional standard. Provides a comfortable and open environment for players around...