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  1. SydneyVillanova

    Accepted Thomas's Staff Application

    +1 I do not personally know you nor have I meet you in game but you seem to have good intentions and seem really chill. You have a small but decent application, honestly could’ve you put more effort into some parts yes but so can we all on our apps! The scenario questions could use some revising...
  2. SydneyVillanova

    Denied Filip's Staff Application

    +1 we’ll written application and is really friendly when around people in the server!
  3. SydneyVillanova

    Accepted Bladee's Staff Application (Revised)

    +1 decently written application and seems like a polite and friendly individual.
  4. SydneyVillanova

    Accepted Bladee's Staff Application (Revised)

    Sorry I did not realize that its 3 or less I thought its only 3.
  5. SydneyVillanova

    Accepted Ban Appeal Sydney Villanova

    Username: Sydney Villanova Why were you banned?: LTAP when I got kidnapped. Why should you be unbanned?: I got yelled at by my dad because I was up too late and I had school the next morning at 8:00 so I had no other choice but to get off. I don't feel like a ban was a proper or necessary...
  6. SydneyVillanova

    Completed Sydneys Custom Class

    Job Name: Imperial Royal Guard Job Color: Red SteamID: STEAM_0:1:219671737 Description: The Emperor's Royal Guard, sometimes referred to as the Imperial Royal Guard or Imperial Guard, was an elite unit of the Galactic Empire's armed forces (specifically the Stormtrooper Corps) tasked with...