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  1. Bray

    Accepted TiddyCongBong's application

    Major +1 Tiddy is one of the best guys I know on the server he is always helping people and always positive Senior Mod Bray /Real OG
  2. Bray

    Denied Skytreys Event Team App

    +Support Have Seen Him on Event Team Before he is really good at it Senior Mod Bray/Real OG
  3. Bray

    Accepted Brays Event Team APP

    In-game name: Bray Age (You must be 15+ in order to apply):17 SteamID64:76561199122018897 Amount of warns you have (Less than 3):0 Time zone: EST Playtime?(Use !time In-game):1w1day Do you have a microphone? (Yes/No):Yes Past experiences as Event team: I Used to be a...
  4. Bray

    Denied Lamic999 staff app

    -1 Never seen you one and a Thery bad App Senior Mod Bray/Real OG
  5. Bray

    Denied guaps staff application

    +1 I based with this guy and talk to him a lot he would be a good guy for the team
  6. Bray

    REVIEWED Staff Report

    You are disrespecting staff a lot actually
  7. Bray

    REVIEWED Staff Report

    Major-Support Come on Man you have been Harassing people all day over the Stupidest Crap Ever and Now this come on man and if i was you if you wanted something to happen I would put the clip on here for evidence man and you will not stop talking crap about staff in chat after they told you to...
  8. Bray

    REVIEWED Staff Report

    Send it to me Brayslasher#4347
  9. Bray

    Denied NBA DooMsj1's FailRp warn appeal

    -Support he is True
  10. Bray

    Accepted THE Papa Monkey Event Team Application

    +Support really good guy and really good for The Event Team
  11. Bray

    Denied sleepys staff app

    Gotta have one day you got 20 hours gotta have 24 to apply and the application had no detail and have not seen you much at all so Major -SUPPORT
  12. Bray

    Denied Xenia/Disko Admin Application

    +support disco is really good and would be a really good admin good luck disco love you
  13. Bray

    Denied Filip's Staff Application

    -Support when I have seen him he had been a little Mingey just not ready for staff
  14. Bray

    Accepted Thomas's Staff Application

    +1 really good guy would be a really good memeber on the Team
  15. Bray

    Denied B4sh's Tmod Application

    -1 not Detail and not really ready for staff sorry man
  16. Bray

    Denied Brays Event Team App

    In-game name:Bray Age (You must be 15+ in order to apply):18 SteamID64:76561199122018897 Amount of warns you have (Less than 3):0 Time zone:EST Playtime?(Use !time In-game):5 Days 15H Do you have a microphone? (Yes/No):Yes Past experiences as Event team:Yes on Ice Fuse...
  17. Bray

    Denied Alissa Staff Application

    -support sorry just not ready for staff
  18. Bray

    Completed Saint CC update

    Job Name:SAINT What do you want to be added, changed, or removed?:ADDING PLAYER STEAM_0:1:82958545 Did you already pay for the custom donation if it was necessary?he paid https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1015772142731808818/1019091049697775616/image0.png
  19. Bray

    REVIEWED I went afk to eat a sandwich. got banned for a week.

    Yes you were for Racism In the Chat thats not aloud at all and you should be aware of who is on your pc at all times so - support