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  1. salprot

    REVIEWED Staff Report + Obvious Evidence

    Dude every claim you can make, I have backed up with proof. Yes, I did read the rules, then you changed them :) Bro youre only defense/response to this whole thread is "dur hur.. you're a man child.. you're protecting your boyfriend... here's 1 unrelated screenshot... and a poggers.jpg" While...
  2. salprot

    REVIEWED Staff Report + Obvious Evidence

    Yeah bro you're being REALLY professional and doing a great job at explaining the other 10 claims I have against you with hardcore proof man! But anyways... I ain't gonna argue with you in this thread, it's petty man. Everything has already been explained either in this thread or through...
  3. salprot

    REVIEWED Staff Report + Obvious Evidence

    Stop trying to cope. We actually have 2 minute clips, multiple of them, each of undeniable proof, and you have 1 screenshot of something totally unrelated? Like I said, this isn't just a thread where someone just claims someone is being mean, you're really trying to defend yourself when I got...
  4. salprot

    REVIEWED Staff Report + Obvious Evidence

    Update, more evidence. Here is proof of him even lying to Flip, saying that he "told us already about our base" Like... It doesn't even take me reasoning to explain why this is a lie. But here is more proof Also, this has NOTHING to do going against Flip. I went to him to talk about it and...
  5. salprot

    REVIEWED Staff Report + Obvious Evidence

    Staff Member, you're reporting: MegaIndian Reason for report: False ban, Attempt to cover up his reasoning. Evidence of the situation: Multiple clips, and timestamps below. Was it intentional, or non-intentional?: Yes, he did this out of emotion instead of fair judgement where he was wrong...
  6. salprot

    Completed cc

    Job Name: Homelander Job Color: pink SteamID: 76561198181085099 Description: Weapons: minigun, freedomsr SWEPS: Hitman System, Raider or Police: Money Making Systems: Wardrobe Access?: