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  1. Chef_Ghostly

    King Of Nothing Cc Update

    SteamID: 76561198278420521 I’m wanting to add two weapons to my class ( only one was added ). I’m wanting to add the freedom sr( if unavailable add the m2 flamethrower) , and I would like to add the gravity hammer ( same as before but the kf2 dragons breath ) Also I Would like to add My...
  2. Chef_Ghostly

    CC Recover

    https://protectionrp.org/index.php?threads/custom-class-request.74/ recent returning player wanting to recover my cc Only Thing i Wanna Change is Weapons: Minigun,PAW
  3. Chef_Ghostly

    Completed Another CC update [King Of Nothing]

    Adding On Someone Too King Of Nothing Steam ID: 76561199084421982 / STEAM_0:0:562078127 Proof Of Purchase
  4. Chef_Ghostly

    Completed CC Update [King Of Nothing]

    Add Moonshine (if not cig) because my second marketing was never added Replace ptrs With M249 (Specifically From The Rust Crate) X3
  5. Chef_Ghostly

    Completed Custom Class Request

    Gotcha Changing to cigs then Thanks for the heads up
  6. Chef_Ghostly

    Completed Custom Class Request

    If Any Confusion Happens With The Payment Amount I Payed For Models And Moneymaking, Which With The 35% off Sale Came To $18.61 For Additions Only. Thank You In Advance.
  7. Chef_Ghostly

    Completed Custom Class Request

    Job Name: King Of Nothing Job Color: Greyish White If Possible. ( If Not Just White.) SteamID: 76561198278420521 Description: Legendary Sea Dog Weapons: Ptrs, And PAW SWEPS: N/A Hitman System, Raider or Police: Raider Money Making Systems: Weed,Cig Wardrobe Access?: Yes