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Full Version: Johns Warn Appeal (clipped)
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Hello, I'm appealing a warn I received for NLR and MRDM. I was at bank, about to start it when another player named Skripts adverted Bank raid. Me and him traded kills. Seconds later of spawning in he ran straight back into bank. I made a clip and showed him running back into bank after the NLR. It was recorded and he was warned for it by Flip. I sat outside of bank until my clock said it was 5 minutes. I came back into bank and started the vault. 7 People was in bank. It showed my name and I was Wanted for starting the bank heist. Also confirmed by FLIP. I killed the 7 people inside bank. I was brought to a sit for MRDM and NLR. on inspection several people during the bank raid was all warned for NLR. On time stamp I was 15 seconds away from 5min. Which like I said when I got killed I look at them minute it is on and then wait 5 minutes. So I was short around 15 seconds, because of this I was Warned for NLR which is a joke in itself... cause on my end it was 5 minutes. To fix this in the future I will start setting a 5 minute timer upon death. The MRDM warn shouldn't be there... I Started the bank and killed the people in the vault. This was not MRDM!   The clips I show are only 45 seconds so I missed some of the key concerns but I will put this here anyhow for a semi better understanding.   [font=system, -apple-system, '.SFNSDisplay-Regular', 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, 'Segoe UI', sans-serif][/font]

Apparently clips didnt upload. You can DM me for the clips.
+1 Wasnt MRDM Was Clearly A Bank Raid And Also I Get Technically It Was Still NLR But 15 Second Difference Really>? If Your Really Wanting To Hold A Grudge That Badly Just Add NLR Bubbles