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Full Version: Sock's (Walter's) Appeal
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Your IGN: I normally go by Walter and then a colour depending on my job, at the time I was going by "Walter Light Grey"
Your steam name: Your Missing Sock
Your steamID: YourMissingSock
Your steam community profile link:
Name of admin who punished you: jazz
Reason you were punished (jailed, warned): NLR
Explain what happened: I was getting raided, and I was killed, in the servers I normally play the NLR is one minute, It had been a while since I played so I thought it was 1 minute NLR as well, so after one minute I ran back to the base and killed the raider, he then ran back into the base, weapon in hand after less than a minute and tried to get back in, and I killed him again, he then called a sit and we were both warned for NLR. I should I re-read the rules to avoid that situation, and I take fault for my actions.
Any evidence you have (Videos, screenshots, voice records, etc..): N/A
You broke the NLR rule and was rightfully punished for it. Please make sure to check the rules to avoid this from happening.